Problem Solving Seminars

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It is a problem solving method that drives systemic change, improving an entire process in order to avoid not only the problem at hand but also other issues that may stem from a systemic failure.

8D has grown to be one of the most popular problem solving methodologies used for Manufacturing, Assembly and Services around the globe.

8D must always have two key members: a Leader and a Champion / Sponsor: D2: Describe the Problem The 8D method’s initial focus is to properly describe the problem utilizing the known data and placing it into specific categories for future comparisons.

The “Is” data supports the facts whereas the “Is Not” data does not.

Activities in D5 include: D6: Implement and Validate the Permanent Corrective Action To successfully implement a permanent change, proper planning is essential.

A project plan should encompass: communication, steps to complete, measurement of success and lessons learned.The Interim Containment Action (ICA) is temporary and is typically removed after the Permanent Correct Action (PCA) is taken.D4: Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Escape Point The root cause must be identified to take permanent action to eliminate it.As the “Is Not” data is collected, many possible reasons for failure are able to be eliminated.This approach utilizes the following tools: D3: Interim Containment Action In the interim, before the permanent corrective action has been determined, an action to protect the customer can be taken.After receiving feedback, the following criterion should be applied prior to forming a team: Collect information on the symptoms Use a Symptoms Checklist to ask the correct questions Identify the need for an Emergency Response Action (ERA), which protects the customer from further exposure to the undesired symptoms D1: Form a Team A Cross Functional Team (CFT) is made up of members from many disciplines.Quality-One takes this principle one step further by having two levels of CFT: Teams require proper preparation. Implementation of disciplines like checklists, forms and techniques will ensure steady progress.The Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) is a problem solving methodology designed to find the root cause of a problem, devise a short-term fix and implement a long-term solution to prevent recurring problems.When it’s clear that your product is defective or isn’t satisfying your customers, an 8D is an excellent first step to improving Quality and Reliability.Activities in D7 include: D8: Closure and Team Celebration Teams require feedback to allow for satisfactory closure.Recognizing both team and individual efforts and allowing the team to see the previous and new state solidifies the value of the 8D process.


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