Prospectus Dissertation

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Students normally submit an approved dissertation prospectus within one semester of passing their comprehensive exams.If the prospectus is not submitted within 6 months of passing the comprehensive exam, the student will be placed on GSAS academic probation.Both the feasibility of the proposed dissertation project and your ability to complete it (research skills, familiarity with scholarly issues for the context of the dissertation, etc.) will be assessed.

Students normally submit an approved dissertation prospectus within one semester of passing their comprehensive exams.

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At this point, the student must provide a plan for submission endorsed by his or her advisor..

The prospectus explains the dissertation's subject, positions the project in a critical conversation, offers provisional chapter outlines, and includes a working bibliography.

At the discretion of your provisional supervisor, a written unseen translation paper in the main source language or one of the main source languages necessary to pursue your dissertation project successfully, may be part of the prospectus defense.

If set an unseen translation paper takes 100 minutes; a dictionary may be used (as specified by the examiner).

The defense will begin with a short oral presentation from your side (max.

Prospectus Dissertation

ten minutes), followed by pertinent questions regarding your proposed research topics and the specific way you addressed it in your prospectus.For a sample prospectus, please click here (Please note sample prospectus is password protected.Fordham English Graduate students please contact the Director of Graduate Studies for the password).Once it’s signed by all members and by the department chair, it is then sent to GSAS.Once GSAS officially approves the prospectus, a letter is sent to you with a copy to the department, and your registration is changed for the semester from Proposal Development to Proposal Acceptance (3 credits).The dissertation prospectus must contain the following elements: While the length of the prospectus may vary, a maximum of 8,000 words of text plus five to eight pages of bibliography will usually do justice to the task.Defense of the dissertation prospectus: The dissertation prospectus defense is a public examination, held before your Dissertation Prospectus Defense Committee (i.e., your supervisor and two resident or recurrent visiting professors plus one external examiner, who may or may not be present on this occasion; if absent s/he will send his/her comments in writing), with the active participation of the students of the program.The dissertation prospectus defense will last about 60 minutes. be your foremost task during the first year of studies.Within two weeks of passing the Comprehensive Exam, you should identify and confirm a dissertation mentor.Students should keep in mind that the prospectus is a provisional document: dissertations change during the research and writing process.When completed, please submit your prospectus to your mentor and two committee members, one of whom may be from a department other than English.


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