Public Speaking Assignment

They have a scrolling screen of slides to guide them, and a tight structure that encourages both their brevity and their elegance of language.One of my mentors, Jim Schiferl, introduced me to the GLYPH speech.While this speech lends itself to students speaking about themselves, you can use for students to talk about nearly anything that interests them.

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Place one random object into a brown bag, filling enough bags so each student can have one.

When a student selects a bag, they will have two minutes to prepare a two-minute speech about whatever object they find inside.

The slides are automated to advance on their own, creating a time constraint that compels speakers to express their ideas in a highly organized, clear manner.

This means that students will compose a speech that is either informative or argumentative and present on it for exactly six minutes and 40 seconds.

And one of these opportunities comes in the form of a public speech.

When students (or even adults, really) are asked what they dread most, many of them say “Public speaking.” It’s a nerve-wracking experience to stand, alone, in front of a group and hold their attention for any period of time. While students might enter a speech assignment feeling this way, it’s our job to use teaching strategies to help them feel confident, empowered, and familiar with the process of creating and performing a speech by the end.

Sometimes it helps to give students something easy to talk about for this speech.

Usually I ask students to tell us about their day, or they might even just quote a familiar song like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Most of the time students use this speech to talk about themselves.

They only have to stand up and answer three questions: The straightforward format helps students feel comfortable with the organization and scope of info.


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