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All of these advice articles can be found on the Early Career Researcher Hub.

This approach took a long time (three years, post-viva) because the work was undertaken alongside HPL teaching and summer work, which slowed the project down considerably.

However, the proposal I eventually submitted to Palgrave was a book proposal, rather than a modified thesis proposal.

So there can be a Review article, a Methods article, and a Results article. You get to decide who is listed as an author on your articles.

You will be first author, and your mentor should be last author (a position of honor).

Prospective authors should bear in mind that every Ph D thesis will need to undergo rigorous revision in order to be published as a monograph with our press.

To help with this revision, our editors have put together the following advice: How do I go about planning the revisions and when should I start?The jobs of each member should be distinct to avoid having members fighting or making conflicting suggestions.Each article should be aligned with a separate expert.If a committee member does not contribute, they ethically should not be included in the list of authors.Many journals now ask you to list the authors along with their meaningful contributions. Decide ahead of time the journals in which you wish to publish. I’m going to recommend these PA journals for one of your publications.So, rather than sending out a proposal at once, and simply rewriting a chapter of the thesis to go with it, I ignored the advice and decided to think of the book as a new project.This involved taking key concepts from the thesis, but significantly reworking and developing them.As such, the submission process was significantly easier; the project was accepted, a contract issued, and the completed manuscript took just three months to finish and submit.The book appeared in print just eight months later (less than a year after I first submitted the proposal.) I have no doubt that this was because I took that time to develop the project.Here is my pitch (although biased): We are THE scholarly journals for the profession. Remember how I said your dissertation is like your baby?If your data is completely focused on PA education, then select JPAE. Well, your baby now has gone through elementary school and the tumultuous teenage years and currently is entering college.


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