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Pub Med is a free research database service provided by the U. Because Pub Med is so comprehensive, many other science and medicine search services use it to fuel their own engines (EBSCO, Google Scholar, Ovid, etc).The Pub Med homepage has a search bar at the top – type the topic of your search there, then hit Enter to see what turns up.Pub Med works like Google or any other search engine – generic search queries will return many articles; more targeted search queries will return a shorter, more relevant set of results.

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Sometimes an author will chose to provide a modified copy of the paper on a personal website, or perhaps the corporation who funded a paper will choose to make a copy available on their corporate site.

I have personal experience with this; a paper I co-authored on vitamin D supplementation is still in the pre-publication stages, but a poster of the research (containing most of the relevant data) is available from the Science section of the company that performed the research.

However, clicking on the PDF link to the right of the title takes you to a PDF version of the paper, which happens to be hosted on a course website from the University of Indiana.

This kind of cross-referencing can help you find papers that would be almost impossible to otherwise locate.

In past articles, I’ve mentioned that I spend much of my career poring over scientific and medical research.

This is equally parts invigorating and frustrating.On the one hand, the Internet makes it possible to track down just about any research paper imaginable, whether it’s a paper from the turn of the century or one in pre-publication stages.Unfortunately, this excitement is often tempered by frustration because access to most research papers costs a ridiculous amount of money.My hope is to help people – especially those researching medical issues – find the information they need without spending thousands of dollars to do it.Step 1 – Finding relevant articles Before doing anything else, you must first locate papers relevant to your research topic.(Note: a shortcut way to do this is to select “PMC” from the drop-down box on the Pub Med homepage.However, the two clicks required to change the drop-down box is actually more cumbersome than a single-click of “See all…” on the search results page.) Pub Med Central, or PMC, is an awesome subset of Pub Med that deals only in free full-text research articles. Unfortunately, while PMC’s article database is growing at a steady rate, it won’t always have exactly what you need.Google Scholar indexes research articles from standard indices like Pub Med, then cross-references those articles with Google’s massive database of regular web pages.This cross-referencing comes at a trade-off – on the one hand, it will generally return many more articles than a comparable Pub Med search.PMC is an outgrowth of the National Institute of Health’s goal to make all publicly funded research available to – imagine this – the public. 2764 was passed, requiring NIH-funded research to be made publicly available within twelve months of publication. For that, we need to turn to something a little broader.Originally, researchers funded by the NIH were encouraged (but not required) to make their research publicly available. I try to avoid political commentary on my site, but I’m not afraid to say that H. 2764 is one of the few unilaterally great pieces of legislation George W. Step 2 – Google Scholar Google Scholar ( is a specialized version of Google’s regular search tool.


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