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If you’re writing an academic paper, you’ll have to be more direct and for example, say: “what follows, are my reflections on what I’ve learned about life during the first year of college”.In this part, you talk about your actual experiences, memories, and important events in your life.In this part, you set the tone for your reflection.

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Follow your heart, put some emotion into it, and you’ll create something of value to yourself and others.

Start at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end – as long as it’s coherent, you’ll be fine.

Once you have the idea, you can follow a simple process: If you’re writing an assignment, you’ll probably receive the prompt from your professor. This may be something like: a) Reflect on what did you learn during your first year of high school.

b) Think about your favorite book and how it changed your life.

After all, you’re drilling into your personal experiences, and quite often, this requires a poetic turn of the phrase.

You’re more than welcome to use a wide range of advanced vocabulary.It’s always better to have an overabundance of material.The best piece of advice on that is to avoid cliches.This seems to be forgotten these days as we record everything through our mobile devices.But the habit of introspective writing and journaling helps you get in touch with your inner self, and even improve your mental health. It lets you search for meaning in your life, and lets you discover the underlying causes of your actions.This will serve as a raw material from which you’ll sculpt a piece of prose.b) Consider the attractiveness of your topic from the reader’s point of view.You may want to look ahead into the future, and write how your experiences are going to affect your life from now on. As with most writing assignments, the work begins with ideation and then creating some sort of outline.Here’s a simple process you can use to get everything ready before you start writing: a) Scan your mind in search of powerful experiences, meaningful memories, and thoughts about your past.It’s easy to regurgitate what someone else had said before because it’s safe territory.Your goal is to open doors to which only you have the keys.


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