Reflective Essay Business Ethics

Reflective Essay Business Ethics-72
It has been a great experience with the new eight weeks process.It astonishes me how business ethics is an important part of the business world as ethic play a significant role in our daily lives.

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Business ethic has prepared me as an individual to know these things.

We come from varieties of backgrounds; ethics are viewed at different prospect in various parts of the world.

The Greek ethics was to believe that natural desires are evil, and that only by reason humans can rise above evil tendencies.

And religiously the saying do unto other as you would like done to you. For example, care ethics is something I use frequently as I am a single mother of two.

Ethics should have a continuous effort within our own moral beliefs, to make us the better person all around.

Some of the tools of critical thinking for ethics could be subject to relativism or universal to religious.I had a great experience with class members who were totally engaged in the class and we had a lot of stimulating conversations.While the pace was so fast, a little hard to keep up with the time, I tried my best to stay on track. Ethics in my point of view would be a logical understanding of right and wrong that sets out what people should do and should not do whether it be in fairness, virtues, obligations, or rights.I feel that it is necessary to continuously examine our standards to ensure that they are reasonable.The university has started a new academic period to complete a course.It was rough at first but as time when by, things became quiet and I became more involve in class.In addition, Ross' concept of intuition is used in my life to due learning and adapting to life.This could also be interpreted as having a conscience or hunches.When companies develop strategic plans, they must consider what role ethics will play and how social responsibility will affect the plan keeping stakeholders need at the forefront.If businesses and individuals are making a conscious effort to display ethical behavior, ethical perspectives and beliefs should evolve over time much like what has happened in the master’s of business administration (MBA) program.


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