Religion In Jane Eyre Essay

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She says, “When we are struck at without a reason, we should strike back again very hard; I am sure we should — so hard as to teach the person who struck us never to do it again” (Bronte 61).

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She says that it’s Jane’s freethinking philosophy and headstrong personality that gives her the need to question religion.

She also says, however, that it’s her imagination that keeps her needing spirituality.

Perhaps this is why many viewed it as a unifying force, consolidating and strengthening its power over the country (and nearly all of Western Europe for that matter).

However, the strictness of the religion would obviously not please certain freethinking people, and this would in turn not please the majority of citizens who were committed to Christianity. She constantly condemned Jane for her behavior, and in the novel serves as her earliest reminder of her low social standing. Reed against her, Jane says, “I had nothing to say to these words: they were not new to me: my very first recollections of existence included hints of the same kind.

People were being sent off the work in large factories as the country grew into a modern phase no one had ever dreamed of.

In the midst of all this chaos, religion stayed the same.She has her own beliefs, and feels no need to change them just so she can be like the rest of society.Forming her own ideas on religious matters automatically separates her from society, but she uses her exclusion to strengthen her character.It is this low standing that made Jane less of a reformer in her later life and more of a re-creator.Jane would never become the sort of person able to stand up in front of groups of people and preach her beliefs in order to change their minds, but she would create her own take on societal customs and enact them quietly for herself. Vanden Bossche in his essay “What did Jane Eyre do?There is a vast difference between unity and conformity.A firm understanding of this has likely been absent in societies throughout history, as seen by how groups of people are often almost all-too-willing to give up their individuality in favor of a group mentality.While at Lowood School, Jane makes friends with the very pious Helen Burns.In response to Helen’s preaching about loving her enemies and always returning hate with love, Jane experiences her first disagreement with the religion.Jane innocently disobeys society’s orders by forming her own opinions on traditions and customs, and she soon discovers her own individual ideas on religion.Jane, although a highly spiritual person, does not believe in many of the strict tenets of Christianity and realizes that the religion simply does not satisfy her on the personal level she wishes it to.


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