Salters Chemistry A2 Coursework

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I felt as if I did not understand anything in lesson and my predicted grade was not what I hoped to achieve.

I felt as if I did not understand anything in lesson and my predicted grade was not what I hoped to achieve.

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Chemistry is an international discipline, which encourages collaboration, breaking down of barriers, and a tolerance and respect for those of other nations.

Through scientific ways of thinking, we offer training which encourages our students to make evidence-based judgments, rather than those arrived at through gut-feeling or an over-weighting of factors which are not directly related to the problem in need of a solution.

Zara also aided me in my guiding me and helping me identify any mistakes.

Without Zara I would have NEVER have achieved the A* I did in my coursework!

Opportunities for discussions on Science and Religion are provided, and the points of view of the many Scientists who subscribe to the values of a particular religion are able to be sensitively discussed.

Chemistry stands with Physics and Biology as a discipline that teaches our pupils to look objectively and with consideration of the facts to inform judgements, reinforcing our belief in the rule of law. Chemistry in particular has evolved from the alchemical secrecy of medieval times, when such practices were seen as being on a par with witchcraft.During the 16th and 17th century, Scientific reason came up against the authoritarian face of the Church in presenting evidence for changes to the received ways of thinking, such as the position of the earth within the solar system.) Chemistry was not secure enough in relation to the mathematical elements. Zara was very effective in terms of improving my exam technique and enabling me to answer the most difficult questions in particular.Zara was able to tap into this and in a few lessons provided her with the confidence she was lacking and she went on to get an A. I felt much more confident going into the exam and achieved the grade I wanted in , for the final year. She really helped me understand the theory of those topics that I was having trouble with. The sessions gave her a lot of confidence in her ability to answer questions and helped her improve her grade from a C/D to an A! You did a wonderful job of breaking down tough topics into manageable portions, and setting Hannah targets to achieve.Zara is also such an easy going and lovely person to work with, who really understands what she is teaching! She was extremely clear and made concise notes that you could come back to and revise from easily, knowing that you had all the information on a couple sheets of paper.Her knowledge was incredible and she’d have an immediate answer to any question and I was always shocked how much we covered in one session and how my understanding of the content increased!Zara was able to simplify complicated concepts and teach them in a way and she always provides examples to aid understanding along with diagrams which are great for visual learners.I am so glad that I had tutoring from Zara and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for tutoring..It is not unusual to find around 60% of our sixth form studying Chemistry at this level. See The structure of the A-level courses are as follows: Current Linear A-level: Three papers (1h 45, 1h 45 and 2h 30) all of which cover A-level content and some AS content. The Chemistry Department is very proud of its public examination results and the high levels of value added, relative to their Mi DYi S, YELLIS and ALIS predictions, achieved by our pupils.At GCSE over the past five years we have averaged over 70% A*/A grades and indeed in 2011 we were awarded a national Good Schools Guide Certificate for the highest GCSE Chemistry results over a three year period of any independent school in England.


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