Scientific Method Problem Solving Examples

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– change the temperature and count the number of chirps Virtual Lab – Independent and Dependent Variables List of Virtual Labs by Glencoe – some of these are inquiry labs where you can manipulate variables Analyzing Data – make and interpret graphs, summarize data trends Graphing Data – Flow Rates – graph the flow rate of liquids in a pipe, simple plot and draw two lines Graphing Practice – given data sets, such as video games scores and shirt colors, students create line and bar graphs, activity paired with growing sponge animals while students wait on results Interpreting Graphs and English Usage – simple graph showing tadpoles, this is more of a vocabulary lesson on words used to interpret graphs, such as fluctuate, decline, stabilize…

Interpreting Graphs – shows a pie chart with grades, a scatter plot, and a few line graphs with questions to answer about each.

Data Collection is Fun(gi) – use notes gathered in a field journal to create a data table to organize information about fungi and graph the relationship between fruiting body size and number.

How to Use a Microscope – basic guidelines, tips and troubleshooting for the classroom light microscope | Presentation Microscope Labeling – image, no labels Microscope Coloring – learn the parts of the microscope by coloring Microscope “E” Lab – use a microscope to examine the letter “e” Microscope “E” Lab – online version, for students who miss the lab in class Microscope Virtual Lab – uses an online virtual microscope, students can actually focus and adjust light using the simulator Microscope Lab (advanced) – for AP Biology Lab Report Template & Rubric Scientific Method Flowchart– this flow chart can be used for any experimental design.

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