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“And the reason I say that is we do have such a great story to tell, and if we tell it with clarity, it’s going to really position us for long term success.” Mc Clellen and the Brand Leadership group are also working on a more comprehensive “visibility campaign” that they hope to launch in December to increase awareness of the university.

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The group is also in the process of updating the graduate and undergraduate viewbooks.

Like the posters, these efforts seek to make Seattle U stand out on it’s own particular merits as a small Jesuit school.

Accepted early-admission students saw one example of this endeavor just a few weeks ago when, along with the traditional Seattle U acceptance package, students are now receiving a medium-sized poster featuring a quote from their application essays. The company tasked with the university’s rebranding campaign, called 160over90, presented the idea as one of many during a recent meeting with the school’s Brand Leadership Group.

Last spring the company began a “discovery phase” to try and understand the school’s unique personality as an institution.

Applications and information can be obtained by contacting the Admissions Office.

Secondary school students who have completed at least six semesters are encouraged to complete the application process no later than Jan.

The quotes are heavily personalized and, though they may not make sense to the casual observer, obviously hold great sentimental value to the recipients.

“I’m here to stand up for the little creatures and to share their world with our world,” says a photo from Instagram user “toomuchwanderlust,” posted with the comment: “Coolest college mail ever,” and followed up with another comment from a friend saying, “That’s so badass.” The poster initiative is just one small part of the school’s recent rebranding efforts.

Mc Clellen, who put together the Brand Leaderships group, said Seattle U’s main goals in the rebranding campaign are to move away from the modesty that once defined the school, without needing to push against larger schools with massive budgets.

“We don’t have to shout as loud as everyone else, we just have to make sure we’re in the game.” Mc Clellen said.


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