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Gajra is made by joining four or five leather braces made of goat or cow skin.

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Slowly it became a generic term used as a prefix for all types of percussion instruments, spread over in the Middle East, no matter what shape they are, i.e.

the tabl-baladi, the tabl-turki, tabl-naqqara, tabl-migri, tabl-al-gawig, etc.

The goat skin stretched across both the drums is made of multiple membranes, one full and the other on the periphery of the full skin called kinara or chanti.

This parchment, called pudi or chhavani, is tied to a plaited strip called gajra.

The standard size of the right drum is of ten-and-a-half inches height, the diameter at the bottom being about seven inches to eight-and-a-quarter inches and the upper playing surface varies between five to five-and-a-half inches.

The left drum called bayan, is almost of the same height, around ten inches high, but the playing surface is about ten inches and the bottom is about two-and-a-half to three inches.Moreover the positioning of hands on the tabla is more natural than on the pakhavaj.A variety of tonal effects can be obtained by varying the manner of striking as well as by striking different parts of both the heads of the tabla.Though made of metal, these kettledrums were originally derived from the pot drums of primitive men.Later they became rounded like the egg; this may have been an adaptation to facilitate carrying them on the back of a horse or a camel.The tabla is an instrument of fingers, whereas pakhavaj is an instrument of an open hand (thapi).Therefore the rhythmic patterns which can be played on the tabla with unimaginable speed are impossible to produce in pakhavaj.The general meaning of the term tabl is an instrument facing upwards, with a flat surface.Scholars opine that the term table of the English language has been taken from the term tabll Some are also of the opinion that the term tabl is not an Arabic word in origin, but is borrowed from the Latin tabula.The tabla is the most commonly played drum set in North Indian music.It is the instrument most frequently used to accompany vocal and instrumental music, and dance; whereas its primary function is to maintain the metric cycle in which the compositions are set.


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