Sociology Assignment

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Sociology had been treated as social philosophy on the philosophy of history emerged as an independent social science in the 19 century.By science we means at least the four following things1.It is necessary to have clear concepts about ‘social systems’ and their chief elements.It basically means the study of human societies, including social connections, social communication, and culture.The people who are involved in the study of sociology are known as sociologists.For over purpose of study a few definitions may be cited here.Bottom ore says-“Sociology (with sociology anthropology) was the first science to be learned with social of social institutions and social groups which constitutes a society.”Professor Giddings says-“Sociology is an attempt to account for the origin, growth, structure and activities of society by the operation of physical, Vital and psychical causes, working to gathers in the process of evolution which will prove entirely satisfactory through all the changes of a developing science.”Max Weber’s Sociology definition- “The science, which attempts the interpretative understanding of social action in order thereby to arrive at a casual explanation of its course and effects.”August comet, the founding father sociology, defines sociology as the science of sociology phenomena- “Subject to nature and invariable laws, the discovery of which in the object of investigation.”In short, sociology may be defined as the study of man’s behavior groups or of inter-action among human being and a body of classified knowledge relating to society and a number of principles and law.Importance of Sociology: We have seen that sociology is closely connected with other subjects, which study different aspect of the same subject matter.Sociology studies societies of the post, and so does history.The second rule is really part of the first and is that our observation of the defined range of facts we are studying should be systematic, not aimless or arbitrary.Strictly speaking, this should be guided by a theory.3.


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