Summary Of Bacon Essay Of Simulation And Dissimulation

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Reading makes a man well informed Conversation makes him well informed To write well he needs a good memory, for a writer should be careful not to repeat his ideas.We may call him “a citizen of the world” a term which he himself has used in one place in these essays, but for the fact that he is too much an English man, a protestant Englishman, and an Elizabethan Jacobean Englishman.He writes of thoughts his dispersed meditations about human life and society.In three ways they prove disadvantageous to man in the practical affairs of life.The word “essay” was first used by French writer Montaigne from whom bacon adopted it.Illus-tractions abound, metaphors and similes crop-up. In “of studies” each sentence is concentrated expression of his idea and most of them have acquired the universal currency of proverbs.Bacon speaks at length of the value of study, how and why it is worthy.Natural abilities include crude instincts impulses. Desires, passions or qualities inherited from one’s fore father or learnt from social milieu, just as the careful gardener prunes of superfluous growths of unwanted braches of plants in a garden.As a matter of fact, bookish knowledge must be supplemented and perfected by the practical experience of life.But it is wisdom which is acquired by the experience of life.Bacon advises that reader neither should reject the views of the anthers nor should he accepted the printed words as a kind of gospel –truth but should judge the things naturally.


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