Supplementary Assignment

Supplementary Assignment-83
Each assignment must have an Assignment Cover Sheet attached.You can obtain a copy of the Assignment Cover Sheet from the Assessment tab of your subject website.Supplementary assessment can therefore take many forms – it will not always be appropriate for it to be a written examination.

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What is a grade of 'interim fail' (NF) and when is it awarded? It consists of a new item (or items) of assessment designed to give students an additional (i.e.

Supplementary assessment is provided to support students' learning, their development, and to aid their course progression and completion.

What grade do students get if they pass the supplementary assessment? What if a student fails the supplementary assessment? What if a student is unable to complete the supplementary assessment? What is the student’s responsibility if they are offered supplementary assessment?

The subject coordinator will discuss the content of the Subject Outline in the first class of the semester and explain the submission details of each assessment task.

Late submissions of any student work will attract penalties unless an extension has been agreed to by the subject coordinator. The Subject Outline and Assessment Briefs will specify the due date of the assignment and how the assignment is to be submitted.


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