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A Facebook spokeswoman said this week that the company had nothing to add about identity beyond what’s in the white paper.It’s a problem almost as old as the internet itself.

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Of course, compliance is just one piece of the puzzle.

In addition to new EU MDR regulatory requirements, medical device companies are navigating multiple regulatory compliance challenges, all while solving the number one goal at hand; better serving patients and addressing unmet medical needs in the market.

“I suspect given Libra’s goal of financial inclusion, they are probably thinking about it bigger than just authentication and authorization for a few narrow purposes,” said Windley. the smart contract language) to believe a stablecoin is just one thing that they envisage using Libra for.”In the absence of any detail on what might comprise a decentralized identity standard from Libra’s perspective, some dots can be joined by examining the recent work of George Danezis and his co-founders at Chainspace, a startup acquired by Facebook in May.

explains how a system of smart contracts (computer programs that run on top of blockchains) could “issue user credentials depending on the state of the blockchain, or attest some claim about a user operating through the contract – such as their identity, attributes, or even the balance of their wallet.”The Coconut protocol goes on to describe how credentials can be jointly issued in a decentralized manner by a group of “mutually distrusting authorities.” These credentials cannot be forged by users or a group of corrupt authorities, and are also “re-randomized” prior to being presented for verification to further protect user privacy.

“People often use ‘decentralized’ as an unalloyed gilt and just assume that it means everything is going to be great.

That could be what they are doing here – just using ‘decentralized’ as a synonym for ‘awesome.’”That said, Windley was respectful about the scale of Libra’s vision, which he suspects is much bigger than dealing with know-your-customer (KYC) checks and the regulation around building a global permissioned currency is being led by a community of people deeply committed to there being no one company owning it in the end, because identity is too big to be owned, just like the web is too big to be owned,” she said.Phil Windley, chair at the Sovrin Foundation, which contributed the codebase to the Hyperledger Indy blockchain ID project, acknowledged the risk of parsing two sentences in Libra’s paper too finely.If Libra were “to drift in the direction of self-sovereign solutions, Facebook’s endorsement of that approach might make more of an impact on the market than, say, u Port or Evernym might have done,” Birch said, And despite its reputation as the ultimate Peeping Tom, Facebook has hinted at such aspirations before.In February, while Libra was still under wraps, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he was investigating blockchain’s potential to allow internet users to log in to various services via one set of credentials without relying on third parties.As the classic “New Yorker” cartoon put it, “on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” In such an environment, businesses need to guard against fraud, but the copious amounts of personal data consumers must share to prove they are who they say they are leaves them vulnerable to identity theft and spying.Fixing this problem means finding a way to have the sort of credentials an individual holds in their physical wallet realized in a verifiable digital version which can be trusted across the internet.I mean what happens if they come up with a good standard for identity and attributes and so on and then other people can use it, e.g.on May 5, 2017, are directed to increase post-market surveillance, expand the use of unique device identifiers (UDIs) and provide better oversight of notified bodies.“An additional goal of the association is to develop and promote an open identity standard.We believe that decentralized and portable digital identity is a prerequisite to financial inclusion and competition.” That’s all the paper has to say on the topic of identity, perhaps explaining why the brief mention of such a foundational issue for 21st-century commerce escaped widespread notice despite all the hype over the document itself.


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