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Europe, as well as many other parts of the world, has become obsessed with borders.

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From the perspective of history, we were fortunate; as suggested by the recent experience of many refugees coming to Europe, borders are often less magical doors than insurmountable walls.Often influenced by postmodernist theories – particularly those of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze – these thinkers depict borders as indeterminate and artificial constructions.The so-called artificiality of the borders between East and West, between civilised and uncivilised, or between Europe and Asia, is held up as evidence of the broader meaningless of all physical borders.So borders are not just physical and geographical realities; they also have a powerful symbolic significance through which communities gain insights into themselves and the meaning of their existence.People’s very sense of social reality is often forged, and internalised, through their engagement with symbolic boundaries.Some regard borders as an affront to the human condition; others are convinced that borders make up the very foundation of their security.As the debate about Europe’s borders rages on, it is worth taking a step back and asking this question: Can humanity live without borders?In recent decades, advocates of globalisation have insisted that a more globalised world, with greater movement of goods, services and people, would make borders redundant.And yet the record of globalisation indicates that, the expansion of mobility notwithstanding, borders in their geographical, symbolic and virtual forms remain very salient features of our lives.This imperative to connect and separate transcends the realm of physical boundaries.He argued that ‘in the immediate as well as the symbolic sense, in the physical as well as the intellectual sense, we are at any moment those who separate the connection or connect the separate’.


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