Thesis Abstract About Computer Addiction

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The study found there is a relationship between social media use and its impact on police brutality.

The study also found that social media gave a voice to people who may have feared isolation and/or negative consequences against police brutality.

The minimum score was found for preparation for examination domain.

Also, a significantly positive correlation was observed between students’ study skills and their Grade Point Average (GPA) of previous term (P=0.001, r=0.269) and satisfaction with study skills (P=0.001, r=0.493).

Over 100 undergraduates at Bowie State University in Maryland completed a survey questionnaire instrument.

The instrument consisted of 10; of which 2 were directly related to the hypothesis.

In the week before the start of classes, participants were given two surveys: one of expected college engagement, and the second of video game usage, including a measure of video game addiction.

Results suggested that video game addiction is (a) negatively correlated with expected college engagement, (b) negatively correlated with college GPA, even when controlling for high school GPA, and (c) negatively correlated with drug and alcohol violations that occurred during the first year in college.

These skills are suggested to be reinforced, with more emphasis on weaker domains.”What’s notable about this abstract: This abstract uses headings instead of writing all the information in one paragraph.

In some ways, it can be easier to use headings because you don’t need transitions to link sections.


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