Thesis On Church Leadership

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I found the top four reasons why a churchgoer leaves their church. So many pastors were literally crying on my shoulder because of the overwhelming problems they face. However, the surprise here was the focus (or the lack thereof) from these pastors.

Most of them did not consider effective Bible teaching or discipleship important for their church.

Another significant factor in this category was the poor "people skills" of the pastor and/or leadership! Because they do not manage the judgmentalism, conflicts and/or gossip! The number three reason why people leave a church is because they wonder, where do I fit in?

They experience a lack of hospitality and concern or care from the leadership or people in general.

Problem churches turned around and factions ended simply by seeking Christ first. People do not know the Word or the precepts of our Lord because the Bible is not taught in such a way that it is real and can be applied to their lives and situations.

Sheep who are not being fed will feed upon one another and not love one another!Sixty-six percent (66%) reported that if people do not feel they belong, they leave. The number four reason why people leave a church is the unwillingness to deal with sin.This creates strife and factions in a church for which sixty-two percent (62%) of people reported to be the reason they left.These reasons led to over ninety percent (90%) of feeling shunned, feelings of rejection, and/or not feeling wanted or cared for there.This prevented them from getting anything significant or spiritual out of church, so they left.And of course, they had "real" reasons why their churches were declining and in decay.One was the trend that since the early 70s, white, Protestant churches are no longer vogue in American culture.In my first doctoral dissertation on "why churches fail," I tracked over 1,000 churches for over 10 years.I looked for the marks that caused people to leave.This Bible illiteracy and feeling that it is not relevant resulted in a lack of quality expository or exegetical Bible teaching.In addition, discipleship was not considered important nor was Fruit being modeled by the church leadership.


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