Thesis Statement For A Research Paper On The Great Depression

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With the realization that analysis of the political and economic climate in the years after World War I contributed to the stock market crash, this investigation considers three specific circumstances during this time period that served as the impetus for the crash.

A research paper for a history topic such as the 1929 Stock Market Crash may look something like this: Footnotes Notations in text should be made only with a superscripted number.

Trusts among organizations were formed created monopolies on price setting.

As s result of these practices, prices became inflated along with stocks.

Thus, when the stock market crash in 1929 heralded in the era of the Great Depression, many individuals were shocked by the turn of events.

While it is true that the Great Depression was a shock to society when it occurred, the reality is that when one looks at the specific economic and political situation that promulgated the crash, the fact that the Depression occurred is not all that surprising.This number should follow all punctuation - except for a dash.Do NOT cite sources using embedded notes, that is, don not use parentheses within the text to refer to your sources Bibliography Bibliography must be Chicago Style. Looking first at the stock market itself, it becomes clear that since the end of the War, a stock market bubble had been created.The stock market crash of 1929 and the resulting Great Depression are best remembered by those who actually suffered through them.These events provided America with valuable lessons, although few who are now in power, either in government or in the business setting, experienced these lessons first hand.As a result, the lessons taught have been largely forgotten, as American consumers are once again suffering from inflated stock prices and the resulting crash that comes when the market evens itself out.To understand why the 1929 stock market crash happened as well as its legal ramifications, this paper reexamines the issue as well as its effects on the American people and the American way of conducting business. Abstract This paper reviews the research on the efficacy of antidepressants in. King s college history phd dissertations opinion essay about social networking.As more individuals became unemployed, the downward spiral of the economy continued.While the unemployment that occurred during this time period was quite extensive, it exacerbated by the laissez-faire attitude taken by the government.


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