Thesis Statement For Domestic Violence Essay

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Mention research gaps in the literature and point out moments that need further investigation.4. Here you need to discuss the methods that you have used to investigate the chosen issue.5. You can illustrate the major data in tables or diagrams, as people frequently perceive visual data better. Demonstrate how your findings are significant, and highlight the key findings from your research.

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Thousands of woman and children are suffering from domestic violence every day.

That is why students at colleges and universities are often assigned to write a domestic violence research paper or research paper on divorce.

Experts agree that to tackle the problem of domestic violence, it is necessary to tighten up legislation, support organizations that take care of victims, and spread information through mass media. National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey: 2010 Summary Report. You may be also interested in the following paper – annotated bibliography on the impact of gender violence on women and children.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Violence Prevention, 2011. If you can’t decide what topic to choose or just can’t write an essay on your own, it’s time to ask our writers to help you!

Not all crimes become known, as less than 40% of women who have experienced violence seek for help (The World’s Women 2015).

Such a situation occurs because many women are convinced that it is their own fault.If you are writing a research paper on domestic violence or a research paper on divorce, outline may be modified depending on the topic and the type of research. This section links to the abstract and gives additional information about the topic you are going to discuss in the body paragraphs. In this section you can highlight the most interesting findings from the recent publications and researches.Let’s look through the main parts of your future research paper.1. In your abstract, give a brief summary of your paper so that your readers can see whether this particular research is in line with their interests. Highlight how the issue is important and why the reader should pay attention to it. Share statistics and other materials related to the topic. For example, if you have conducted a survey, you will need to discuss the data you have received as a result. Sum up the information that you have disclosed in all parts.Explore the issues connected to domestic violence in the list below.You can take one of the domestic violence research paper topics as a basis for your own paper.People that experience domestic violence for a long period of time may experience physical, mental, and emotional problems; in the most extreme cases, domestic violence can lead to death.Social tolerance to domestic violence is a refusal of the creation of a civilized society.Women are too embarrassed to seek help from the police or special support groups, especially when they have experienced violence committed by an intimate partner.(…)Conclusion The problem of domestic violence has existed for a long time in all countries, and reflects the disharmony and imbalance in society.Also, look through the works cited list to find resources for the research.The Origins and State of Domestic Violence in the USIntroduction Domestic violence has no country or race.


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