Thesis Statement On The Great Gatsby

How do the actions of the characters support these statements?

Argument – The writer introduces two more characters in this paragraph — Tom and Nick Carraway.

Reasoning – The paragraph does not dissect the relationship between characters and the American dream enough.

The writer could analyze their storylines to reveal similarities and contrasts in perspective of the American dream then and now.

It was then developed and acquired a deeper meaning as for today.

Currently, this phrase means much of development, advancing to other greater levels and the economic and political stability of the state. Scott Fitzgerald uses characters in a fictional village, West Egg which is located in the Long Island in the year 1922 when it was summer.Therefore, besides a description of the characters, this concept could be explored more.Including excerpts and quotes from the book would strengthen the essay writer’s argument.The answer to that question is a possible thesis statement.Argument – The writer introduces two characters, Jay and Daisy, and summarizes the important themes of the book.A deeper analysis of one or two of the main characters would reveal prevailing attitudes and contrasts in the society of the time.The report ends abruptly, so the reader is left hanging.His family was well up when it came to finances “My family has been prominent, well-to-do people in this Middle Western city for three generation.” on page 3 of the book.The essay explores the ideology of “The American Dream” through The Great Gatsby.In this novel, Jay follows the love of his life irrespective of all the odds that come across his way but it happens that he does not end up marrying Daisy and instead she is married to Tom.Nick Carraway moves from mid west and starts living in the West egg where he intends to become an all rounded man and recapture the exciting moments that he had enjoyed while he was in the army before then.


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