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By rephrasing the question, students ensure that they fully comprehend what the prompt is asking and are able to more specifically begin to address it in their writing.Spend 3-5 minutes drafting a simple outline The few minutes that students spend sketching a plan for their essay will be returned twofold in the sense that, with this quick roadmap, they will have to spend less time figuring out the general direction of each paragraph since the essay is already loosely mapped out.

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Timed essay tests can bring about a great deal of stress for students.

The ticking clock is certainly a catalyst when it comes to test anxiety; however, the unknown components of an timed essay test are also daunting.

Students should always underline the directive after reading the prompt to make sure that they answer the question correctly.

You may notice that your child sometimes veers off topic when answering an essay question.

If students have time at the end of a timed writing assessment, it is beneficial to reread each paragraph individually, referring back to the prompt in between paragraphs to ensure that each component (paragraph) serves its purpose and clearly answers the prompt.

Don’t get hung up on spelling Unless otherwise specified by the teacher, students should avoid spending too much time contemplating spelling errors.While each essay and outline will obviously vary, the same components are usually suggested for informational, argumentative, or expository responses.Reread each paragraph individually It helps to read a response with fresh eyes to determine that writing is consistent and relative to the purpose of the prompt.The prompt is often in the form of a statement and lets students know what the essay should be about.Some prompts might include: Discuss your idea of a utopian world, Describe the advantages of technology, or Explain how eyeglasses and the sewing machine have had important influences on our lives.The fact of the matter is, timed writing tasks will be a standard aspect of every student’s education at some point.Another fact, thankfully, is that there are strategies that students can employ to conquer these seemingly insurmountable timed essays.The issue, however, arises when the completed essay fails to actually address the prompt or essay question.To avoid this, students should first carefully reread the prompt in an effort to put it into their own words.Most often, timed essays are scored on content, including word choice, sentence structure or variation, and other content-driven writing skills.Therefore, perseverating over spelling is generally unnecessary.


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