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Sex And Literary Journals: Are Your Sex Scenes Killing Your Shot At Publication? Here’s how you choose the right POV for the right tale.

—You’ve heard the old maxim “sex sells.” But when it comes to submitting to literary journals, your sex scenes might just be too much of a good thing! Smart writers of horror and suspense know all the tricks for preying on the fears of their readers. “Show, Don’t Tell”: This Essential Craft Axiom Finally Explained—All writers have heard, “show, don’t tell.” Here’s how to make this timeless writing technique work for you. I Have A Dream: 8 Heart-Stopping Rhetorical Techniques Of King’s Speech—MLK might be the king of rhetorical techniques; all these years later, he still has lots to teach writers!

How To Write A Great First Line (With 12 Unforgettable Examples)—Here are some examples of first lines from literature that offer great insight into opening line techniques.

How To Craft A Great Title For Your Book (Or Story Or Poem)—A weak title can deter editors and agents before they read a single sentence of your work. The Forgotten Fifth Sense: Are You Making Use Of This Little Used Writing Technique?

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Writer’s Relief is an author’s submission service that has been helping creative writers get published since 1994. All Genres | Better Prose | Memorable Characters | Books | Poetry | Short Story | Essay Sentence Length: The Power Of Placing Periods—With good technique, your period placement can have a big impact on readers. Repurposing Words: Surprise Your Readers With Unusual Word Choices—Craft exciting sentences by using unexpected, creative words.Creating Mood And Atmosphere In Your Writing—To become a better writer, you need a conscious, practical sense of the tools you can use to manipulate mood, atmosphere, and tone in your writing.Be Honest: 5 Self-Editing Tips For Increased Objectivity—It can be hard to “see” your own writing as it truly is. Mail Call: Is It Okay To Reuse Phrases From Your Own Work? The Moral Of The Story: 7 Tips For Socially Or Politically Conscious Creative Writing—If you want to influence the world with your writing, you need to be well-informed, bold, and aware of your own predispositions and intentions.Here’s how to amp up the fear factor, whether you’re writing about zombies or family picnics.How To Write Fiction Based On Real Life—Is your true story the stuff of fairy tales or nightmares? Stop Sagging Middle Syndrome: 5 Plot Devices That Will Amp Up Your Story—Whether you’re writing a short story, memoir, or novel, you’ll need to keep readers turning the pages, especially through the middle of your story. Writing Advice From A Snowstorm—Grab a blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and your laptop or your favorite pen. How To Pick The Right Names For Your Characters—It can be hard to come up with the right name for your characters; here’s how to choose!Looking for tips on creative writing craft and techniques? We’ve collected our most informative articles on both the craft of writing and the best creative writing techniques—all here, in one convenient place.You’ll find great advice on: characterization, writing description, showing vs.Having your writing critiqued during a workshop or writers group meeting can be an emotional minefield. Here’s what to do if a literary agent or editor demands a change to your writing. The twenty-first century offers easy ways to effectively back up your writing so it’ll never be lost and can quickly be recovered. 7 Sneaky Ways Writers Get Distracted From Work Without Realizing It.But being able to accept critique and make effective use of good feedback is what most writers should strive for. —While romances, mysteries, and sci-fi novels often have pretty clear characteristics, women’s fiction is so wide, the parameters are difficult to define. 15 Exercises To Strengthen Your Writing—Looking for ways to build your writing muscles? Some distractions seem legitimate, but are actually—gasp—procrastination in disguise!Mail Call: Should A Writer Finish His/Her Book Before Submitting? How Do You Know If Your Novel Is Literary Or Mainstream Fiction? Craft plays a key role in deciding whether a book is literary or mainstream (commercial). How To Revise Your Novel—Are you in the beginning stages of revision? Think Like A Doctor: Diagnose And Cure What Ails Your Book—Grab your stethoscope and listen to these time-honored techniques of self-editing.Why Your Opening Pages Are Key To Landing A Literary Agent—Not convinced that your first five pages need to display your very best writing techniques? Five Tips For Your First Five Pages—Make the opening pages of your book shine with these important craft tips.


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