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You only have thirty minutes to write an essay that showcases your awesome English skills.But you’re paralyzed with anxiety, thinking “what if I make a huge mistake?

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However, I always write three body paragraphs because I feel it is safer to get a high score.

I have never tried to write two well-written body paragraphs. Hello, I took my TOEFL i BT exam on 22nd October, but the thing, which concerns me is my writing's score.

They require a minimum of 250 (IELTS)- 300 (TOEFL) words. Can be less expensive, esp in terms of overhead and texts/materials. Can be designed to meet the needs of ss of varying learning styles and abilities [unlimited opportunities for review; types of presentation ltd only by tchr. Add that it’s also possible to combine best aspects of both in many cases with occasional physical meetings (or even gatherings of classmates in several cities for video conferencing), flipped classrooms, taped live lectures, etc. Is the site pushing its own products or point of view, or selling for someone?

IELTS allows about 40 minutes for its essay; the TOEFL, 30 minutes. Can be reduced with icebreakers, self-intros, & time to socialize and introduce oneself into the class schedule.4. imagination]; accessible to students w/ physical disabilities that can be limiting in regular classrooms, due to the adaptability of computers [TTS & vice versa, lg. Essay Outline Example 2 (see also the essay below): The Internet provides enormous amounts of information, good and bad. Both are certainly legitimate, but searchers need to be aware of the interests involved.

I understand what you are saying,fpgeetaker, and somewhat agree that an essay of only 250 words would probably NOT score a 4 or 5.

However, you didn't improve to 25 or higher because of the number of paragraphs you wrote or the number of words.

Give your reasons and specific examples to support them.1. Remember, your most important preparation for any exam is to study the guidelines and criteria for the test you plan to take and practice, repeatedly, with similar questions.

How can people ensure that the material they find is accurate and up-to-date? For example, for health advice, government sites like the NIMH and professional medical association sites like Web MD are authoritative.

You must have improved because you started developing your arguments more fully (which, in turn, would lead to a higher word count -- I just want to be clear, though, when I say that it's the level of development and proficiency with the language that helped you reach a higher score rather than just a higher word count or additional paragraph).

In my experience, more of my students are successful writing a FOUR-PARAGRAPH essay than one with 5 paragraphs.


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