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% You can view the information if you view properties of the PDF document.% Many faculties/departments also require one or more printed % copies.The purpose of this paper is to discuss issues associated with open access (OA) to electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) and to describe the University of Waterloo E‐thesis Project and its partnerships with Theses Canada and the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations.

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The success of the UW E‐thesis Project illustrates that progress can be made toward the OA paradigm for theses and dissertations while upholding perennial values. Download as .

Collaborations with like‐minded organizations support and advance these goals.

% pdflatex mythesis -- it takes a couple of passes to completely process all cross-references % If you use the recommended La Te X editor, Texmaker, you would open the % file, then click the PDFLa Te X button. % Tip 3: Photographs should be cropped and compressed so as not to be too large.

% To create a PDF output that is optimized for double-sided printing: % % 1) comment-out the \documentclass statement in the preamble below, and % un-comment the second \documentclass line.

%\usepackage % For a nomenclature (optional; available from \usepackage % Lots of math symbols and environments \usepackage[pdftex] % For including graphics N. pdftex graphics driver % Hyperlinks make it very easy to navigate an electronic document. HYPERREF MUST BE THE LAST PACKAGE LOADED; ADD ADDITIONAL PKGS ABOVE \usepackage[pdftex,pagebackref=false] % with basic options %\usepackage[pdftex,pagebackref=true] % N. pagebackref=true provides links back from the References to the body text. \hypersetup \ifthenelse % end of ifthenelse (no else) \usepackage[automake,toc,abbreviations] % Exception to the rule of hyperref being the last add-on package % If glossaries-extra is not in your La Te X distribution, get it from CTAN ( % although it's supposed to be in both the Te X Live and Mik Te X distributions.

% In addition, this is where you should specify the thesis title % and author as they appear in the properties of the PDF document. There are also documentation and % installation instructions there. % u Waterloo thesis requirements specify a minimum of 1 inch (72pt) margin at the % top, bottom, and outside page edges and a 1.125 in. While this is not an issue for electronic % viewing, a PDF may be printed, and so we have the same page layout for % both printed and electronic versions, we leave the gutter margin in.University of Waterloo Thesis Template for La Te X Last Updated August 21, 2018 by Stephen Carr, IST Client Services, University of Waterloo, 200 University Ave.W., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada FOR ASSISTANCE, please send mail to [email protected]%====================================================================== % University of Waterloo Thesis Template for La Te X % Last Updated August 21, 2018 % by Stephen Carr, IST Client Services, % University of Waterloo, 200 University Ave.\newcommand[1] % package names in bold text \newcommand[1] % command name in tt font \newcommand[1] % does nothing, but defines the command so the % print-optimized version will ignore \href tags (redefined by hyperref pkg).%\newcommand[2] % does nothing, but defines the command % Anything defined here may be redefined by packages added below...The metadata are OAI compliant and are harvested by Theses Canada and the ETD Union Catalog.The E‐theses Project supports authors' rights while minimizing access restrictions and encourages innovations while respecting the value of gradually evolving thesis standards and traditions.% For hyperlinked PDF, suitable for viewing on a computer, use this: \documentclass[letterpaper,12pt,titlepage,oneside,final] % For PDF, suitable for double-sided printing, change the Print Version variable below % to "true" and use this \documentclass line instead of the one above: %\documentclass[letterpaper,12pt,titlepage,openright,twoside,final] % Some La Te X commands I define for my own nomenclature.% If you have to, it's easier to make changes to nomenclature once here than in a % million places throughout your thesis!% DON'T FORGET TO ADD YOUR OWN NAME AND TITLE in the "hyperref" package % configuration below.THIS INFORMATION GETS EMBEDDED IN THE PDF FINAL PDF DOCUMENT.


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