Vehicle Routing Problem Thesis

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Interroute improvement Exchanging customers between routes Exchanging segments of routes between routes Example of Intraroute improvement: opt algorithm Do a swap of arc pairs in a route if it can reduce the cost (or time).

Below we consider a case where customers may impose delivery timewindows. Contents More information Improving Emergency Medical Dispatching with Emphasis on Mass-Casualty Incidents, Harald Burgsteiner, Martin Bernroider, Günter Kiechle, Maria Obermayer Dispatcher s Challenges Dispatching ambulances is More information 1 VEHICLE ROUTING AND SCHEDULING PROBLEMS: A CASE STUDY OF FOOD DISTRIBUTION IN GREATER BANGKOK By Kuladej Panapinun and Peerayuth Charnsethikul Abstract Vehicle routing problem (VRP) and its extension More information Dynamic Load Planning for Less-Than-Truckload Carriers Schneider Professor Georgia Institute of Technology Joint work with Alan Erera, Mike Hewitt, Yang Zhang TRANSLOG, December 10, 2009 Part I: Advances More information Poznan University of Technology Department of Motor Vehicles and Road Transport ZPSi TD Dynamic Vehicle Routing in MATSim Simulation and Optimization Michal Maciejewski [email protected] information Outline IEEM241 Routing and Fleet Management Course summary Essence of decision models Decision models - examples Raymond Cheung Spring 2005 Course - Objectives Learn how to model decision problems in More information Fleet Modeling 10 Purpose This activity introduces you to the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) and fleet modeling through the use of a previously developed model.

opt Note: the indices i and j are in the order of the nodes being visited in a given tour. Using the model, you will explore the relationships More information International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management IESM 2011 May 25 - May 27 METZ - FRANCE Two objective functions for a real life Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem Marc Uldry More information Integrated support system for planning and scheduling...

Often this is a realistic More information Design and Analysis of ACO algorithms for edge matching problems Carl Martin Dissing Söderlind Kgs.

Lyngby 2010 DTU Informatics Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modelling Technical University More information Optimization Modeling for Mining Engineers Alexandra M.


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  • Solution methodologies for vehicle routing problems with stochastic demand

    We present solution methodologies for vehicle routing problems VRPs with stochastic demand, with a speci c focus on the vehicle routing problem with stochas-tic demand VRPSD and the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demand and duration limits VRPSDL. The VRPSD and the VRPSDL are fundamental prob-…

  • Solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with a Genetic Algorithm

    The aim of this research is to verify whether the Genetic Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem is competitive to other, well-known heuristics in terms of solution quality and computing time. 1.1 The Vehicle Routing Problem The classical Vehicle Routing Problem VRP is a combinatorial optimization problem, introduced by…


    In this paper, a Multiple Vehicle Routing Problem with Fuel Constraints MVRPFC is considered. This problem consists of a field of targets to be visited, and a collection of vehicles with fuel tanks that may visit the targets. Consideration of this problem is mainly in the improvement of feasible solutions, but the following steps are discussed…

  • Modeling and solving vehicle routing problems with many available.

    In this thesis, models have been formulated and mathematical optimiza-tion methods developed for the heterogeneous vehicle routing problem with a very large set of ailableav vehicle ypes, called many VRP-h. This is an extension of the standard heterogeneous vehicle routing problem…


    Statement of the problem In this thesis we study the problem of vehicle routing with pickup and delivery with time windows, commonly referred to as VRPPDTW. As defined in Toth 1, ‘The vehicle routing problem with pickup and delivery with time windows…

  • A case study of two-echelon multi-depot vehicle routing problem

    This thesis/dissertation adheres to the provisions of Purdue University’s “Policy of Integrity in Research” and the use of copyright material. Approved by Major Professors Approved by Head of the Departmental Graduate Program Date Tianqi Yu A CASE STUDY OF TWO-ECHELON MULTI-DEPOT VEHICLE ROUTING PROBLEM Master of Science Dr. Edie.…

  • Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows A Case Study on.

    Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows A Case Study on Pickup of Dietary Products in Nonprofit Organization by Xiaoyan Li A Thesis Presented in Partial Fulfillment…

  • VEHICLE ROUTING PROBLEMS - Cornell University

    VEHICLE ROUTING PROBLEMS Patrick R. Steele, Ph. D. Cornell University 2017 In this dissertation we consider variants of the vehicle routing problem applied to two problem areas. First, we consider the problem of scheduling deliveries from a central depot to clients in a metric space using a single delivery vehicle.…

  • The dynamic vehicle routing problem - dk

    The thesis begins by introducing the dynamic vehicle routing problem and discusses the di erences between static and dynamic VRPs as well as pro- vides some examples of real-life examples of DVRP.…

  • On the vehicle routing problem with time windows - dk

    The vehicle routing problem with time windows is concerned with the optimal routing of a fleet of ve-hicles between a depot and a number of customers that must be visited within a specified time interval, called a time window. The purpose of this thesis is to develop new and efficient solution techniques for…

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