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Vocabulary Homework-63
Do your students smile at you when you begin a vocabulary lesson? Are they willing to try using the words in their own speaking and writing?

Here is a brief overview of Assignments: Can my students complete their assignments on an i Pad? Please note that some activities are not available on the app and must be completed through a browser on the device.Academic language () is used in classroom lessons, books, assignments, and tests, and students must become proficient in it to learn effectively in school and academic programs.It is central to building knowledge and conceptual understanding in specific domains such as science and math.If you don’t understand the meaning and/or correct usage, ask for help! Be ready to give a meaning for any of the words during class discussions!Do not just copy sentences from the Internet: I will check. Define each word and include a synonym and an antonym; note which dictionary you used. Awesome – inspiring of awe (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Synonym: amazing Antonym: boring2. Instructions Example The word goes in Your drawing awesome this square. Remember: you are allowed to use your flashcards on the vocabulary final at the end of the semester. Your symbol is any graphic representation of what the word means to you. The meaning of At least two new very stimulating impressive the word and its synonyms for the adj remarkable part of speech breathtaking word go in this awesome goes in this square. awesomely dull At least two new All of the forms antonyms for the dreary of the word go in this square. Create flashcards: on one side use the word (highlighted) in a sentence that provides context clues to the word’s meaning (a different sentence from the homework) and the definition on the other side.Academic Vocabulary refers to words that are traditionally used in academic dialogue and text.These types of words are used to explain a concept; they are not necessarily common or frequently encountered in informal conversation.Elicit background knowledge, create conversation and connections, and display or point out the words so that students will recognize them.Teach words that have multiple meanings and apply to other content areas, and engage students in analyzing words to determine meanings (root words, affixes, etc).


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