What They Fought For Thesis

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Later, as a central banker, he designed the European Currency Unit, the precursor — and what many have said was a superior approach — to the Euro we have today.As the Great Recession wreaked havoc in 2012, and austerity measures constricted the flow of national currencies in debt-saddled nations like Greece, Bernard urged Greek cities and towns to adapt and create their own parallel currency system.We then reconnected several years later after he read the Bancor Protocol whitepaper and believed it to be the breakthrough he had been searching for in his decades of work on complementary currencies.

Here too he brings rigorous research and evidence to the case for multicurrency networks as a return to balance so needed in a system growing beyond its sustainable limits and sacrificing resilience tomorrow for efficiency today.

Over long walks and longer lunches, we frequently noticed gaps between Guest lecturing at Bernard’s popular course on Monetary Innovation at the Sorbonne in Paris, to his students from around the world.

He often lamented that she passed away soon after being honored and did not enjoy time basking in the recognition of her pioneering contributions.

Elinor published her final piece on the importance of local efforts to global environmental regeneration, Green from the Grassroots, on the day of her death, June 12, 2012 — 5 years to the day before Bancor launched BNT — the network token designed as a commons that could allow for global diversity and multiplicity of local currencies around the world.

Will Ruddick, co-founder of Grassroots Economics, which is deploying the currencies, said: “Bernard’s vision of diverse monetary eco-systems that support communities and the environment rather than extract from them, as they continue to do now, is the spark that moved me from physics in the US into economics in Kenya.”As data streams in from the Sarafu Network, showing community members transacting in blockchain-based local liquid tokens, forming diverse channels of monetary links, we are continually inspired by Bernard’s remarkable legacy and his bold vision for freedom of currency as we work to enable adoption at scale. A Swiss German trader and academic in his 70s, and a Californian Israeli technology entrepreneur in her 30s.

What They Fought For Thesis

With every meeting we discovered how our experience, research and intuition had led us to similar conclusions about the world and its money, even coming from very different backgrounds as we did.

“The Gatekeeper” is a 17-minute military thriller starring Christopher Loverro and Jennifer Marshall.

“Awakening in a war-zone on the precipice of life and death, an Army First Sergeant confronts the causatum of his own orders to see his family again” reads its logline — after over a year of detailed, in-house production and post-production at USC, Martinez is excited to share it with the community.

It is with great sadness and also fierce determination and deep gratitude, that we continue to share his ideas and research with the world, and to innovate towards fair, free and fluid financial systems that serve people — just as resilient, natural ecologies serve the planet.

Bernard is survived by his loving wife and partner, Helga Preusse. ❤Gifting my early copy of “Climate: A New Story” by one of our favorite authors, Charles Eisenstein, to Bernard at his home in Brussels.


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