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Linus next moves on to numbers with the composition of the financial management section of his business plan.Since Linus is starting a new business, he decides to follow the SBA's advice on what to include in this section.Here, Linus needs to show the reader what his business is about and what his vision for it is.

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Linus moves on to the next section of the business plan, which is the description of the products and services he intends to offer to his target market.

Here, Linus describes the services and products that his bistro will provide.

He'll spend some time describing the industry and its outlook. In selecting his target market, he'll spend some ink on profiling it so that readers will clearly understand the type of customer the bistro wants to serve, including such things as its general demographic characteristics, relevant consumer tastes, and spending habits.

This section should also discuss reasonable projections of the market share that the bistro may achieve within the timeline of the plan.

A business plan is a written document that outlines a business's objectives and the strategy and tactics that it will use to achieve those objectives over anywhere from a three- to five-year period of time.

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Like many new entrepreneurs, Linus decides to follow the advice of the U. Small Business Administration, or SBA, and compose his business plan based upon its recommendations.

He'll include a mission statement for his bistro as well as a discussion of the key people involved in running it.

Linus' next step is to define the market he wishes to pursue.

This includes a discussion of the legal structure of the business.

Linus has decided to organize the bistro as a limited liability company.


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