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People keep asking me the same question: who and what are you?

People keep asking me the same question: who and what are you?

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I saw no reason to reconsider my chosen path and my hobbies. But, I am either not talented, or not attentive enough. To tell the truth, my father is my idol and the person I trust most, so naturally I approached him with my troubles.

I went to him asking if I should try to pursue something else since this is not a thing I am great at, or try more. My father explained to me that a single barrier or complaint does not mean that I should give up.

Introduce it at the start, but do not go explaining it completely right away. Now that we’ve shared some short tips for students who are asked to write such essay, it is time to present you with an excellent example of what this essay should look like.

Whether you need it for college or for high school, one of the best ways to learn something is by seeing good examples of it.

To my surprise, my father was completely on the side of the teacher. I never gave up easily as a child, so why would this make me?

He said that it doesn’t mean that my teacher was wrong.

She simply said: ‘There is plenty of room for improvement, but if you continue with the same enthusiasm, I see a bright future for you.’As it turns out, I accept things quite literary.

With her argumentation, I got it clear that I am not as great as I believed, but my love of technology can be seen instantly.

I am an animal lover, a technology addict, and a person who is really fond of travelling.

In fact, I am so connected with dogs and other animals, I find it outrageous that I cannot ask them about their opinion about me.


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