With God Nothing Is Impossible Essay

I told him that I think he is crazy, but that it is okay, it doesn’t bother me if he believes in God.

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I am going to address the philosophical argument first, because in our advancement of knowledge and growth of understanding about our Universe we started with the philosophical questions, then we moved on to the Scientific questions once Science became its own separate field of study and when we realized Philosophy couldn’t provide us with all the answers.

The Philosophical argument also, I think, leads into or connects with the Science.

Note that I use capitals and non capitals in trying to distinguish between this thing “Good” and the property we call “good”.

One problem with the Ontological argument is that many insist that God is a Perfect Being, even as they endow God with all of their human imperfections.

” Also, once it takes form what is it able to do (that makes it usefull) when it is formed that it wasn’t able to do when it didn’t have form?

In the beginning of his Gospel, John claims that “In the beginning was the Word/Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God”.BUT I like to point out, IF nothing comes from nothing where did God get the material he needed to create things?If nothing comes from nothing then even God had to have something to start with! As in when we say a contract or a law is “null and void!For Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism, Logos is not words written in the Bible. Bainton, in his book “Here I Stand, a life of Martin Luther,” For ancient Greeks “Logos” meant Universal Truths, principles, that created, sustain and govern our universe and all living things.These Principles are the laws of Physics, thermodynamics, gravity, weak and strong nuclear forces, evolution, hydraulics, and energy, and whatever it is that forms matter.The Logos is what was “without effect and useless until it took form.”“Logos” has been translated as “word” but that is misleading for those that don’t understand the metaphorical/abstract meaning of “word”.They equate “word” with the words written in the Bible and sometimes with God and with Jesus.If God demands that He be worshipped then He is a narcissist which is an imperfection in one’s character. The Ten Commandments tell us not to covet thy neighbor’s goods, a form of jealousy.God is vindictive yet we are told to turn the other cheek.If we can imagine something Perfect than there must be something that is even more Perfect that exists otherwise we wouldn’t be able to imagine the concept of Perfection.Of course that Perfect something in his mind, can only be God. Anselm didn’t know about works of Fiction or Movies and we modern folks know that there are lots of things that we can imagine that aren’t really there! This argument goes back to the ancient Greek Philosophers and the “idea of forms” put forth by Plato.


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