Writing Dissertation Results

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The key is to devote considerable thought and special care to the way in which you structure the report of your results.

Whatever structure you choose should accurately reflect the nature of your results and highlight their most important and interesting trends, and it should also effectively allow you to discuss and speculate upon your findings in ways that will test the premises of your study, work well in the overall argument of your thesis or dissertation and lead to significant implications for your research.

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Structure and Order for Reporting Results in Your Thesis or Dissertation The task of reporting the results of advanced research in a thesis or dissertation can be enormously challenging.

Have a look how you can summarize your findings by using any one or a combination of these visual tools.

By using a visual tool you can help the reader reference and quickly interpret even some of the most complicated information, thus making it a better read.The results section of your dissertation study and subsequent document is the place where you need to report on your findings exactly the way they presented themselves while you were observing them.There is no room for any personal biases, ideas, or opinions – just straightforward information of what it is you found.For this reason, this is often seen as the section that is the easiest to write.But even so, there is a right way and a wrong way to organize the results properly.Complicated material of this kind must be presented in a thesis or dissertation with the utmost clarity if a student’s supervisory committee and formal examiners are to understand the results thoroughly, assess the student’s research accurately and ultimately approve his or her work so that a degree can be awarded.In order to present the results of your research as clearly and effectively as possible, it is imperative to organise the report of findings in your thesis or dissertation in the manner best suited to the material.You will, for example, be able to refer back to those questions and hypotheses as you presented them in your introduction, and you will also be able to anticipate the discussion in the next part of your thesis or dissertation about how your research has answered the questions and tested the hypotheses.The results generated by doctoral research are various and unique, which means that the best ways in which to present them can be as well.This article is information that we gathered from world class dissertation writers and is sure to help you tremendously in the development of this section: Don’t Interpret Information. Usually, one can quickly tell which student sought professional help (the smart choice) and which one decided to work on his or her own: It’s all in the way factual information is presented in the results section.I hired a professional to write my dissertation and found that the results section is written completely free of any interpretation.


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