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In addition, there should be a logical presentation of the arguments so that the reader is aware of the way in which the issue is discussed.

Producing an effective essay is just like solving a jigsaw puzzle- all the pieces of the puzzle have to be in the right order to make sense.

So to make the sentence active we would write: 'Sally bathed the doll.' We get to read about action, what's going on and a play-by-play, if you will. So now that we know the three most common culprits that harm our sentence structure, let's see what we can do to improve them and our overall writing.

Now that we know what can go wrong in structuring a sentence, how do we improve our sentence structure?The chief ingredients of a good essay include not only the content and your arguments, but also the sentence structures and grammar that bind them together and make the presentation as delightful to the reader, as a good dish is to a connoisseur foodie.A good essay is judged not just by the kind of content you use in the essay but how it is presented to the audience.In this case, the missing word is “you”: [You], turn!An unbroken series of simple sentences in an essay is simply unacceptable.Not only will it bore the reader, but it will also reflect an immature style of writing. If you define a verb phrase as a phrase that includes the verb, its auxiliaries, its complements, and other modifiers, then it is illustrated above, to some extent, in the words, “turns quickly into our shaded driveway.”Do you have any special technique to help you to produce a good mix of sentence structures in your essays? Your comments, observations, and questions are welcome.As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 79,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more.A modifier is a word or phrase that provides description in a sentence.However, putting the modifier in the wrong place can add confusion instead of clarity to your sentence.If we separate the two sentences, we can easily see that the second sentence is a fragment.We don't really know what 'having a variety' is referring to.


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